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Artist of The Day | Pradnya Gangadhar Khandgonkar

Pradnya Gangadhar Khandgonkar

War for Peace

Acrylic on Canvas

48 x 60 in


In the later period as I am a woman, the personal experiences and social burden on life of women gives mental and physical harassment, some childhood memories and terrible outlines, the villain in person who harasses women. These are the subject matters now I painted in my paintings.

In many paintings I showed women as strong personality. The molestation on females is happened in every class of the society. The over look of society is very nice but it is heavily different when we go deeper in it to find better in it. It is highly corrupted, prodigious and weird. How lady fights and faces with the entire problem came in her way. and second think is human fighting for the chair but chair is like a demon you lost your freedom for this chair but very positive thing is chair will solve your all problems and needs.

and another subject “nature” is soul of life and soul of earth that's why our responsibility is we have to protect “nature” these are my subject.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas

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