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Terms and Conditions

To ensure the best quality training, participants are required to adhere to the following rules and regulations:


  • Our trainers are equipped to handle participants from diverse backgrounds. If you encounter any unpleasant incidents, please contact us at

  • You must have the necessary applications, software, hardware, and a stable internet connection to participate in our online classes.

  • Photographs of students' artworks may be used for our brochures and websites. If you object to your photographs being used for this purpose, please inform us during the enrollment process.

  • We adhere to our Privacy Policy to maintain the confidentiality of our students and customers.

  • All our programs are curriculum-based, and art trainers may change for each module.

  • Batch day and time changes are possible after completing each module, subject to seat availability in the preferred batch. However, we cannot guarantee the change and recommend selecting a suitable batch before starting the program.

Fee and Payment:

Quarterly fees is calculated assuming one quarter as 24 classes

Once the student completes 24 classes, they will need to make next quarter payment in order to continue classes.

  • The fees mentioned are for the training and guidance required for the course.

  • Fees paid are non-refundable.

  • An invoice will be sent to you via email upon payment.

  • Please ensure that you receive a receipt for all payments made.

  • Fees need to be paid in advance for all programs.

  • Failure to pay fees for more than 30 days will result in the cancellation of the student's admission.

  • If there is a valid reason for a delay in payment, please inform us in advance at

Leaves, Compensation Classes, and Admission Validity:

Below are the number of free compensation classes for each course:

  • 24 classes short course - 3 leaves

  • 52 classes course - 6 classes

  • 104 classes course - 12 classes

  • 128 classes course - 15 classes

  • 156 classes course - 18 classes

Any extra leaves other than the ones mentioned above will require paid compensation classes.

Paid compensation per class:

  • Age 5-9: INR 315

  • Age 10-12: INR 375

  • Age 13 and above: INR 500

Validity of admissions:

  • 24 classes short course - 4 months from the date of enrollment

  • 52 classes course - 8 months from the date of enrollment

  • 104 classes course - 15 months from the date of enrollment

  • 128 classes course - 16 months from the date of enrollment

  • 156 classes course - 22 months from the date of enrollment

Students will need to take readmission if they exceed the above-mentioned time frame.

Course Access and Sharing:

Online Classroom:

  • Your payment authorizes only one person to access and participate in the course.

  • Sharing course content with others or publishing it is strictly prohibited.

  • Sharing your course access with another person will result in immediate revocation of your course access and materials for violating these policies.

  • Regular attendance in online sessions is mandatory.

  • Students must maintain integrity and decorum during online sessions and in chat groups.

  • Students are not required to switch on the camera unless the trainer requests to see the progress of their work.

  • If a class is missed, the recording of the missed class is available, and students are advised to review it before attending the next class.

  • In the event of a class cancellation by the trainer, compensation classes equivalent to the number of canceled classes will be provided.

  • We have backup internet and power supply available at our office to address unexpected connectivity or power issues. If any technical issues occur, we will ensure that missed topics are covered.

  • For younger students, we may require the assistance of parents or guardians for some activities and projects.

  • For any queries, please contact: +91 9742020666

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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