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Artist of the Day | Pranjit Sarma




Aquatint Etching


It is a matter of pleasure that I had been passionate about art since my childhood. In this respect, my family has created a fertile ground for me to nourish my imaginative psyche inside me. As, I belong from a small village called Balikaria, located in Assam, north-eastern part of India, I was always eager to understand my Multiple Cultural diversity. As a child, I grew up amidst of different communities, where I witnessed the multiple shades of cultural diversities right from the attractive costumes to different traditional cuisines. All these elements of the society were served as fan the fuel my innovative thoughts.

My land, North-East India is known for its scenic beauty of nature. From the age of 14, I extensively traveled to different parts of this region, because of my father’s transferable job and as an artist when started discovering my inner self, I realised that nature and it’s dynamic creations actually mesmerized me throughout which took a dominant shape further in the process of making my own art. After completing my 10th standard, I decided to move to Guwahati (city) to continue my study further, where I got introduced to the discipline ‘fine arts’ in a brief manner. Fascinated by this, I decided to enroll myself into the Assam University as soon as my higher secondary examination. Finally, in 2012 I joined the Department of Visual Arts, Assam University and completed my bachelors in Visual Arts with specialisation in painting in 2016. During that period I received multiple experiences regarding experimentation with various materials. Simultaneously I got an academic guide to develop my conceptual journey. After finishing my bachelors in visual arts from Assam University, I came to Bangalore University and I got selected for Masters in Printmaking in 2016. In 2018 June I appeared for my final examination of masters. These two years of tremendous journey, I learnt dynamic dimensions of printmaking and it became the core of my interest area. Within these two years of voyage as a printmaker, I got several opportunities to explore my ideas beyond the single edition print. I did two major installation projects based on my regional socio-political condition. Even though I learnt the aquatint, lithography, and woodcut techniques during my academic course, but I preferred to do work in etching techniques (aquatint) mostly.

I believe that for any contemporary art practitioner there is always a room to subvert change into his/her works which expand the horizon of artistic thoughts. Brand new ideas can flourish and can be improvised only in dynamic environments. And each new space gives us new ingredients to gain knowledge for our artistic endeavour.

My works is a metaphor, representation of past social scenario of Northeast state realized visually. I have tried to sympathies towards the flowing blood of innocent tribes, who have not received judicial proclaim to their problems. The tribes suffer from the supremacy of political arena and are dominated by urbanized upper class.

I have chosen this topic to deeply understand myself, and situation of my soil is undergoing through visual imagination. ‘The importance of Motherhood’. I have become aware of the importance of the birth, nourishment, core. But at the same time I am disturbed by the patriarchy of the society we live in. male supremacy and dominance shadowing female and failing to appreciate and give gratitude to motherhood is seeing a decline day by day.

My works talks about the question of viewing different perspective of society as patriarchal and my acceptance on this social perception. Am I fitted on that perception or is it only a social resemblance for.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas and Pranjit Sarma

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