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Artist of the Day | Enzo Cucchi

Enzo Cucchi - Commerciale

Enzo Cucchi



Oil on canvas

17 3/10 × 24 4/5 in


As one of the pioneers of the Transavanguardia—Italy’s answer to Neo-expressionism—Enzo Cucchi is known for his revival of figurative drawing and symbolism. Working in large scale, Cucchi’s textured surfaces and instinctual charcoal lines can resemble cave paintings, and indeed much of his imagery includes primitive tools, livestock, flames, and eyes. Like his fellow Transavanguardians Francesco Clemente and Sandro Chia, Cucchi’s earth tone compositions are infused with violence. The confidence in gesture and colors lend his tableaux immediacy and drama.

Italian, b. 1949, Morro d'Alba, Ancona, Italy

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