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Artist of the Day | Olesya Dzhurayeva

Olesya Dzhurayeva  - The Right Direction

Olesya Dzhurayeva

The Right Direction


linocut on paper


Olesya Dzhurayeva was born in 1982 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. She moved to Ukraine in 1989, where she studied at the Kiev State Institute of Decorative and Applied Art and Design and graduated in 2002. She works in a variety of graphic techniques (etching, engraving, dry-point, linocut and pastel). International art critics describe her as “a bright representative of the Ukrainian contemporary graphic school”. This is highly confirmed by her constant rising presence on the global scene of graphic arts.

Her artworks resemble visual diary of everyday life that is full of sacred splendor. The ordinary objects are skillfully and very subtly transformed into extraordinary visual compositions. Dzhurayeva’s artistic opus is full of aesthetic and psychological balance which she patiently creates on each particular work.

She is the member of the National Artists’ Union of Ukraine since 2004

Dzhurayeva’s artworks are held in public collections in Brazil (Cristiano Varella Memorial Foundation), Italy (Civic Collection of the Town of Schio and Cabinet of Drawings and Prints Academy of Fine Arts in Catania), Portugal Douro Biennial Printmaking Collection), Romania (Cluj Art Museum), Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk Fine Art Museum) and USA (Zuckerman Museum of Art, Collection and Archive of the Southern Graphics Council International), as well as in private collections in Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia and Argentina

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