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Artist of The Day | Mansi Trivedi

Mansi Trivedi


Paper Pulp, Fevicol and Distemper on Acid-Free Handmade Paper


32 x 78 in


There is a deep-rooted connection between humans and their environment. A symbiotic inter-dependence that seems too deep-rooted to be as easily ignored as it is today. It is a certain sense of order and balance inherent in nature. Particularly the changing of seasons, the way light falls, how it changes and eventually transforms everything it touches, all of this is part of a complex system following a random order.

My works are inventories of found objects and surfaces I stumble upon. For these chosen works inspiration was chiefly drawn from the abstract sense of nature, its unpredictability and the lurking chaos, both of which seem very inviting. Almost as if it is nothing short of a visual poetry screaming to be heard. Entwined in the multitude of scar's and scales, dead cells, pores and scratches, there lies a fascinating story awaiting to be told in the endless cycle of bloom and decay.

I started out with nature as a reference, gradually incorporating it as an essential tone in my visual language as a whole. The endeavor here has been to recreate my understanding of such surfaces, which satisfies my quest for exploring new material through surrounding forms and domestic objects. This is what guides me along in my journey of creating a different version of nature's dermis.

This is the ascent of my evolution. Subdued and random on one hand but loud and symmetric on the other, but progressive throughout nonetheless.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas

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