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Artist of The Day | Digbijayee Khatua

Digbijayee Khatua

Superstructure on Land VI

Watercolour on Paper


18 x 12 in


I would like to describe the relationship between an artist and his artwork as starting with the pleasure of seeing something familiar in a completely different way, and subsequently, how he comes to realize this work with an understanding tolerance towards alternative viewpoints. As a device that has become indispensable in modern culture, the computer represents both the material and the medium by which this culture examines and shapes itself. The artist explores the visual language as a different medium to articulate his thoughts and then evaluate the possibilities of transforming them in to work of art.

As an artist, I am currently exploring the unique ways to express the beauty and spiritual essence of plant forms by creating the illusion of atmosphere and mood. My shift from Odisha to Delhi and the consequent adaptation is seminal to my practice both in a vein of personal as well as a collective history. I am influenced by the traditional Patta painting of Odisha and miniature style and as well as three dimensional effects of Arts and Crafts.I consider myself to be more from a literature and drama background rather than fine art; as such, I have a long list of ideas and concepts as an artist, artisan, writer and movie maker which in turn allows me to provide an alternative way of understanding life around me.

My work could be seen as a painting, as an installation or as a sculptural frieze and this serves to showcase my complex vision of simple images. Characters from the past are brought to life in my work and create drama. Sometimes they post relevant questions to our present society and other times they highlight the issues concerning us serving as a time machine where the memories of the past and the experience of present come together.

I am very much interested in the city-the sense it has of gaining and losing, of simultaneous fear and desire. I enjoy exploring ideas of cohabitation, of how different the people come together from different places and backgrounds to build their own personal Utopias while sharing a common space. I like to study and observe different cultures, languages and humanity activity, sharing their experiences.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas

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