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Artist of The Day | Abhijit Pathak

Abhijit Pathak

Symphony - 8

Mixed Media on Tarpaulin

96 × 140 in


A sensitive and talented painter, Abhijit Pathak, who was recently awarded the national award is an artist whose works are no less than brilliant. Vivan Sundaram saw a recent show of his at the Lalit Kala Akademy curated by Uma Nair and was very impressed by his work. What impressed him was the sheer scale and confidence with which he was creating his work, which he found rare and admirable for a young artist. Abhijit combines drawing and a number of other elements in his work such as cloth and collage. He creates a relationship between spontaneous applications, his painterly sensibilities to create sensuous works on paper. "Paper works" Sundaram says, "often don’t sell but still he has dared to create his works on paper". Paper does provide a greater flexibility and possibility to do a variety of experimentation which is his motivation for choosing paper. Abhijit Kumar Pathak’s was born in 1986 in Bihta, Bihar. He lives and works in Delhi now. His works are an expression of his inner feelings. One can also witness in Abhijit’s work the transformation of time, traveling and migrating to different places from Banaras to Delhi. Staying in a metropolitan space has made his painterly journey more simplified and less spiritual than before. The physical and psychological effects of urban space are produced through abstraction. Thin squiggling lines with more breathing space and a non-figurative approach of work gradually displaced the spirituality and depth in his works. Abhijit is also a trained musician having done a diploma in music, and has made him stronger as a painter. He listens to music while working in studio and says he finds pleasure in music but only his paintings can illustrate the true feelings. His visual conversation is free from the burden of subjectivity and creates an unexplained mysticism. The abstract forms exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. He creates small moments of life on canvas which he enjoys doing. He says spontaneity relates to his feelings and he is always motivated by his own impulse

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