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Artist of The Day | Raka Panda

Raka Panda


Oil on Canvas

36 x 36 inches


As an artist I believe emotion plays a key role that dictates the soul existence.

I have been very fascinated with the various emotions that people portray not only people but also emotions in objects that I feel. Thus this engagement with the emotions inspired me to create a visual language.

I wanted to explore identity and the space in the society where I grew up, and gradually I began to realize myself through my art practice.

I mainly concentrated on the regional people with their various nature, culture, expression and ways of life.

Sometimes the whole human being or only a particular part of his body was highlighted on my canvas. Suddenly my attention switched on a deprived person who has been ignored by the people or on some reality of social contradiction that haunts me in my daily life and raise my awareness.

Therefore time, space, common things, social problems etc get shelter in my world of canvas. All the painful, struggling faces try to get forms through my expression.My every little work surrenders to the sense of truth or perfection which results in ‘joy’.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas

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