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Artist of The Day | Divya Patwa

Divya Patwa

Beginning Of The End


13 x 18 inches


I have always been inclined towards animals since childhood. I spent most of my time observing every details of their behavior. Sooner, this inclination started reflecting in my work. I chose to depict the melancholic reality of animals which are tortured for the human’s beneficiary.

My work show absurdly deceptive surrealistic animal form, which usually confronts the viewers. By combining different animals to create a hybrid animal form, I also stress on the idea of animal, which coexist in tranquility can one day seek to dominate us. These hybrid animals tend to levitate in the work, giving a claustrophobic experience. And preposterous juxtaposition of the form adds to the brutality which these animals come across.

My later work intimately deals with the animal’s inner persona. It talks about the duality in their nature. By fathoming the thoughts of the animals, I enter into a new realm. I see the world through their eyes, which mystifies the whole idea behind my work.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas, Divya Patwa

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