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Artist of The Day | Sweeta Rai

Sweeta Rai

Wild Couple -2

Acrylic on Canvas

36 x 48 inches


Unveil the Unconscious The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. Aristotle

Art has the power to unveil the inner soul of everything. I am an artist who undoubtedly supports this viewpoint and wants people all around the world to unveil their unconscious thoughts and feelings by means of my art work. Art is an inseparable part of a person’s mind, body and soul. I am an exceptionally expressive person. My paintings often open a door into my own life as well as to a whole new world. I am always thinks out of the box and expresses relations in a unique manner. My paintings make people create their own stories; in fact most of the times they remind people of various memorable moments of their life and make them relive those phases of their life again. The colors and forms used by me radiate an explosive energy that can hardly be contained within the boundaries of my canvas and are often an extension of my personality.

In my routine life I am the kind of person who hates abiding by rules, my crave for freedom and social norms can never hold me back. These similar feelings are expressed in most of my paintings. I want people to also experience this same feeling of complete freedom without any buffer or interference. My work is rational and touches everyone’s heart. Every painting of me has a story to tell. Many paintings walk you through various phases of your life. The mischief you did as a child, the confusions during adolescents, your first crush, your first date, a pleasurable moment spent with your spouse, your relation with your child, the risks that you took and many more of such exclusive moments can be relived again just by watching my paintings. Psychologists believe that every individual is different from the other hence one painting will have different meanings varying from person to person based on their personal experiences. This is what i desire, I wish that my paintings become a part of every person’s life hence I chooses to portray figures in a nude and pure form. I want people to give figures the forms that people feel comfortable with. I want every person looking at my painting to look at it with his/her own creativity and uniqueness. Therefore, my perception is that one painting must appeal differently to different people has turned out to be a huge success. I am an independent woman who faced life challenges with complete confidence and boldness. Similarly, I believe that every woman has the capability to achieve great heights. U can see in my displays of paintings that women are already empowered and they are self sufficient. I portray a confident image of woman who desires to achieve my goals. I make these big bold eyes for every woman which makes us feel the self confidence and sense the attitude of, independence. Thus, through my painting i expresses that every woman must have goals in her life, they must see big dreams and strive extremely hard to achieve them. Along with this, my paintings also indicate that a woman is incomplete without her family. Family or any trusted relationship can be described differently by different people. Some might say that family is friendship, love and joy whereas others may say that its pain, agony and anger but it is important for every person who will see these paintings to feel the emotion. I attempted to display various forms of these social relations like that of a mother and child, two lovers, husband-wife and their child and so on. Man being a social animal cannot survive without its social relations and taking into consideration the importance of these relations I painted them with complete elegance and beauty.

Life would be dry and boring without the color of love and romance in it. We can love many things but the love between two people is unique and special. I tapped romance by painting couples. The bright colors used for the couple and the dark sky with the moon above takes us to the land of romance and remind us of the first date with our loved one. It is said that if you can sense the feelings within, after seeing the painting then the artist has achieved his goal and for sure my work touches the mind, body and soul of every person who sees them.

Strong relations with one’s own self as well as with others has been the core concept behind most of my paintings. There are paintings where i drawn figures with their inner guiding force supporting them. Freud believed that the unconscious mind of a person governs most of their behaviors and this deep thought has been displayed by me quite creatively in many of my paintings. None of us have visually ever seen our unconscious mind but I used my creativity and given it a form and shape. I wishes to make everyone aware about their unconscious mind and how it is the driving force behind all of our behaviors.

I enjoy being with people; laughing and joking around are her favorite hobbies. Being more of a people’s person my paintings revolve around different kinds of human figures and their emotions. I aim to reach till everyone’s heart with my paintings and that is the reason why I keep my paintings simple but exceptionally unique. At times when you look at any of my paintings it just lift you up and take you to a wonderland, where you need to let your imagination go completely wild.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas, Sweeta Rai

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