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Artist of The Day | Promiti Hossain

Promiti Hossain In Search of Peace

Mixed Media on Paper


16 x 15 inches


In my compositions, I try to project the relationship between a woman and her personal space, which is her room.I feel that every object in a woman’s room tells a story about her. In many ways, defines her. A woman’s personal space also helps her to understand herself better. Apart from theinorganic objects, a living or a dead insect, leaves, flowers, seeds and all kinds of diminutive existence oflife, lying at the floor of her room or near the window,is part of her life, which many of us usually find insignificant,can be related to womanhood. The fact that, woman and nature, both play the role of motherhood; we do not give them enough credit and treat it as an ordinaryprocess of life.This so called “ordinary” aspect is in fact a philosophy that extends all facets of the life.

The elements in my composition are the images and drawings of biological and botanical representations of insects, foliage study along with the drawings of my own body parts.

I work with ink, gold dusts and water colour on paper coated with natural pigments. I try to use the accidental effects, which naturally occurs while working on paper to create a visually dramatic dialog between my imagination, inner thoughts and work procedure.

I sometimes use benzene to transfer the documented images, mostly write-ups that I have written or collected to quote certain important aspects of life. I use my written poems or sentences from my journal to create an intimate area within the compositions, which helps me to project my conscience and philosophy towards life.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas

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