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Artist of The Day | Deepika Sakhat

Deepika Sakhat



6.5 x 5 inches


The constantly moving pace of human kind has led to beautiful beginnings, immense growth and vastly developing cityscape. The cites that become our dwellings, though being beautiful evolution of mankind has been chaos to us at some point. The chaotic life of cities moves at a pace, where we all desire to drift towards feeling presence of many more “beings”. This very recognition of the other beings apart from humans opens my senses to feeling many beautiful organisms that surrounds us. I innately felt the presence of those “beings” in this chaos of humans. Despite of the in betweeness of humans and cities, their presence speak for themselves. The birds, insects, animals dwell along with us on the same lands. Their behavior of a certain way led me to more intriguing curiosities. Their certain positions, actions and the very spontaneous moment of escaping the human presence creates in me a further curiosity. Their spontaneity is so dynamic, that no matter how minutely we try we’ll anyway fail to capture. The way they move, their very spontaneous inner reactions are so that we can just acquire a glimpse of what they are. It is this swiftness in them that made me observe them more. The chirping of birds for instance, caught my senses despite of constant chaos in the cities. My works are my reflections of these creatures, who surround us all but go unnoticed. These are an attempt to express the very character of these species. The reliefs and etchings become a response to their behavior and so is the colour pallet. I tend to use colours mixed and layered, for the layered and mixed glimpses. They who tend to speak to us, but also escape our gaze but the closer we go the more we observe. The skin colour, their shape and forms for me become secondary. What connects me to them is their mere presences as living species who have been our companions in this vast and dynamic evolution. My works are impression of their glimpse which speak to me of their inner selves and beyond, leaving a deep remark in me. This earth has been a home to these diverse “beings” and my attempt is been to bring intimacy between what we call human beings and other living beings, the “other beings” as what I consider are just as us.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas, Deepika Sakhat

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