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Artist of the Day | Manjot Kaur

Manjot Kaur

Constant Motion


Time-Based Media

Glass Shelves, Glass Beakers, Silver Nitrate Solution, Copper wire, 2 channel video, Internet


Manjot Kaur works with a wide range of media including Books Arts, Installation, Video (2D animation and time lapse) and Sound, inquiring the socio-political concerns of environment, identity and existence by employing the tools of absurdity, uncertainty, and randomness. The basis of her art practice is to understand the ever-evolving nature of life around us and how nature and humans adapt to changing and sometimes hostile environment. Her work is an interface between science, nature, perception, and scale, inciting a discourse on the social, cultural and personal issues, through the careful representation of objects and narratives rooted in temporal, ephemeral, and entropy.

She focuses into the notion of on-going, the present and the passing in the process of movement, change, growth, decay, death, birth, evolution, existence, and identity to generate a feeling of being alive in the fast-growing changing times.

She uses repetition as a device to represent quotidian compulsions and it's capacity to turn one thing into a multitude of experiences, viewpoints, and impressions. Her drawings often pertain to the logic of absurd, where absurd is not seen as amusing, foolish or stupid rather as the epistemology of perception and understanding.

The content generally comes from the mundane life that not only touches her (particular) but rather concern humanity at large (universal). She likes to step out of my mundane crisis and generate the first-hand experience through her work for the viewers. She seeks immersive experience both for herself and the viewer. The process is very crucial to her work practice. Several works combine together to become one large project and each project is a combination of different mediums.

For her, her own existence is a means to understand the connection between the opposites, e.g. seen and unseen, outside and inside, macroscopic and microscopic, mundane and surreal, finite and infinite, random and scripted, myth and reality pointing towards the paradox of life.

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