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Artist of the Day | Sunil Padwal

Sunil Padwal

The recurring story of fish and crows 2018 Isograph pen, ink, found documents, and found objects

Installation View


Bold, simple, immaculate - are a few adjectives that would describe Sunil and his work. They catch your eye even if you are just passing by, and this glimpse takes you into a journey of thought and reflection. Every time you view Sunil's paintings they reveal a new facet, pushing you into a new realm of thought. "A work of art should not set boredom", believes Sunil. He works like a sculptor adding & subtracting upon the surface of his paintings - the color is built through a series of layers, which at times are also scratched out. He incorporates the human figure in his paintings in the same vein - building it in and out of the surface. Initially, these figures were mere spectators in the composition of the artwork, but now they appear to be active participants, asserting their presence and subtly revealing the mystery behind their form. The frames of Sunil's paintings are not mere boundaries; they are an integral part of the entire work of art. At times it is the frame, more appropriately the found object that inspires him to do a painting. Sunil enjoys adding dimension to his works, an unusual curved surface instead of a flat one, a molded back to make the painting move away from the wall, a form of twisted metal or an old signboard. Even through the elaborate and dramatic use of materials, his paintings inherently are bereft of any superfluous details. Sunil is continuously changing himself and the world around him. He is experimenting with new forms of expressions, and in the process forcing us to delve further into his magical and mysterious art. Sunil is an artist for the new millennium!

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