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Artist of the Day | Srinath Iswaran

Srinath Iswaran


Set of 18 photographs, pigment prints mounted on aluminum

12 × 10 in


Srinath Iswaran, born in 1989, is profoundly influenced by the writings of Umberto Eco, particularly The Poetics of the Open Work (1989), and by his experience visiting exhibitions of sculpture and painting during his time at the Camberwell College of Arts, London. His engagement with photography stems from a historical understanding of its origins as a camera-less medium—namely, William Henry Fox Talbot’s photograms—created by placing the subject on top of photo-sensitive paper and exposing it directly to light. Iswaran mimics the technique in a color darkroom, where a format light from an enlarger is exposed onto paper. The resulting imagery is then installed in a grid, “treating the wall in similar fashion to the space on the paper,” as he explains it.

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