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Artist of the Day | Aji V N

Aji V N



Conte and charcoal on coloured paper

55,5 x 75,5 cm


The intensity of the drawings of Aji V.N. arises from his concentrated compositions, and also from the shades he applies with the precision of a miniaturist, despite the large format. This paradoxical combination of scale and nuance evokes the idea of luxurious refinement. Colours and textures serve to season the onlooker, to bring him into a state in which the images can communicate by means of an intense silence. Part of the artist's sporadic propensity to pare away the non-essential, helps create his own magical equivalences. His surfaces breathe and expand, often prompting us to enter their implications, their mathematical demarcations as well as their atmospheres of mist and shadow. The irresistible fascination of these drawings lies somewhere between high imagination and psychological states of being.

Aji V N, born 1968 in Kerala, India, did his BFA at College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum and MFA at College of Art, New Delhi He now lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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