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Artist of the day | Dheer Kaku

Dheer Kaku

Linear Thinking


Wood, Paper, Acrylic, Ink

Installation View


Dheer explores patterns, repetitions, loops, lines, circles,time, symmetry, shapes and ideas. His works are chronicles of these patterns and conversations between the body and the chosen medium of expression. Actions, drawings, words, pictures, videos and sounds are his chosen instruments to display and reveal new perspectives through which he observes his mind and his surroundings. He studied painting at Rachana Sansad Academy of Fine Arts in Mumbai.

Artist Statement

I turn on my camera in complete darkness and take a photograph that sometimes lasts for hours while I draw with the light from my torch. I make video installations that loop endlessly, fragmenting images, multiplying layers and breaking linearity of time, in order to understand and reflect how sometimes a delicate piece of information can turn into a boring routine. I see the mundane not as dark corners in spaces, but as playgrounds of unattended information.

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