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Artist of the Day | Sudipta Das

Sudipta Das

My Land


Coffee wash, water colour on acid free paper and ply wood



Born in 1985 at Silchar, Assam, Sudipta Das completed her Master’s in Fine Arts from Kala Bhavan, Vishwa Bharati at Santiniketan. Her art engages with historical themes from a current perspective. A fascination with reconstructed history where fragmentation, followed by a process of alternations of real narratives with imagined ones, paves the way for her compositions. The perceptual framework of history and its ever changing transformation, from private or archival documentation to open public spaces, takes her work from reality onto myth. Sudipta’s recent work consciously obliterates identity of national heroes, leaving behind some unresolved mysteries. With scattered contents and contexts, the image is created in layers of pieces of torn paper over multiple surfaces. Painting different photographs on separate pieces of paper, the artist tears and shuffles them randomly to rearrange them and form new narratives. The artist has exhibited her work in exhibitions at Kolkata, Baroda, Kochi, Bombay, Delhi and other cities. A recipient of Kanoria Residency at Ahmedabad, Saavad Residency at Santiniketan, and Khoj at Kolkata she is a merit scholar from Visva-Bharati, and has been a BSNL scholar for four years running. The artist currently lives in Vadodara and works from Baroda Space Studio.

Artist Statement

Land means to me where I live…Our earth is round in shape and we are habituated to see it in the same way but it loses its beauty when a single crack comes on it. A nation loses its beauty, changes its ideology when partition happens. The work called ‘My Land’ shows a round globe where a single broken line changed the whole beauty of the land. In middle part of the work we see some migrated people are hanging as a result of the division and the chaotic state through the pale color on it.

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