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Artist of the Day | Samir Mondal

Samir Mondal

Shifting Images 01


Watercolor on paper

15 x 22 in


Samir Mondal's most amazing contribution to Indian art of modern times is a continual revival of watercolor. He has endowed water colors with the status of oils, projecting a facet of watercolor that was never visualized before. The artist keenly observed the characteristics of oil-painting, noted the inherent quality of oils, their richness and substance. In his endeavour to include these elements in watercolor, he developed textures and structural features as if they are oils. Samir Mondal has stood the test of this fantastic versatility. His water colors have never lost their originality, their innovativeness and their classic elegance, yet they are truly modern paintings.

Mondal has exhibited in major cities, and having experienced a whiff of many German cities (under, the Indo-German Cultural Exchange Programme) and of Paris. He has also collaborated with the eminent poet and media person Pritish Nandy on a number of projects. He created the Mulla Naseeruddin series for The Illustrated Weekly in which each episode was represented by a separate painting. Mondal's full page portraits of film stars and other prominent personalities in The Sunday Observer have been widely appreciated.

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