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Artist of the Day | Paresh Maity

Paresh Maity - Song of Winter

Paresh Maity

Song of Winter,


Oil on linen

47 × 39 in


"Water-colours are my heart & soul" says Paresh Maity who over a period of the last 20 years has achieved proficiency in the medium a few can claim. Paresh Maity , on whatever surface he may choose, be it paper, canvas or any other medium, creates magic. The colours are vibrant, and echo the passion of the artist.

The sand dunes of Rajasthan, the backwaters of Kerala, the canals of Venice, to the lake of Geneva, Paresh's paints have captured it all. In fact Paresh says that it was his stay in Rajasthan that made his works explode with colour, and there has been no looking back since.

Paresh has also briefly experimented with abstracts, which was more of freeing the limitations of a landscape. One would still see an odd ship or a tree though not in a representative manner. Even when he did go back to painting figures the contextual setting was more often neglected. The focus was on the figure, specifically the faces, with their myriad expressions, closely cropped and juxtaposed with their surrondings. The colours are vibrant and dazzle the viewer. The stylized, simplified figures have a story of their own, transporting one to an exotic land.

Virtuosity of medium is not the message the spirit behind the man and his talent are. It has taken a long time for Paresh Maity to reach where he is, "the execution of the work itself may take little time, but to get there it has taken me 20 years".

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