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Artist of the Day | Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn - Internal Labyrinth MQ180

Marc Quinn

Internal Labyrinth MQ180,


Pigment print in colours

36 3/10 × 55 1/10 in


Young British Artist Marc Quinn creates provocative sculptural portraits composed of organic materials, such as in his ongoing series of “Blood Head” self portraits, in which a cast of his head is made with over nine pints of his own frozen blood. Quinn also fabricates sculptures using more traditional media such as bronze, often depicting contorted bodies or people with unusual physical characteristics—amputees, or those who have undergone sex-change surgery. Quinn has also examined the implications of genetic modification and scientific advancement. His 2001 work DNA Garden features the DNA of 75 plant species and two humans, re-staging the conditions of the Garden of Eden through scientific means.

British, b. 1964, London, United Kingdom

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