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Artist of the Day | Ranchhor Meghwal

Ranchhor Meghwal - Into the Sea

Ranchhor Meghwal

Into the Sea

Acrylic on canvas

62 x 57 in


Born in a village Anadra near Mount Abu Rajasthan. A self-taught artist, Inspired by the miniature art of Rajasthan and Tibetan druk art, he lived and practiced art in Ladakh for 10 years. Ranchhor Meghwal lives and works in New Delhi


Art for me is the way i look at life and the way i learnt it by my self. When i began painting as an artist six years ago i thought shunya (zero)i found everything in it, moon,planet earth sun, all shaped shunya this is how i began painting pots,matkas since then the journey has been joyful, my works got great response and i love painting.

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