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Artist of the Day | Animesh Roy

Animesh Roy - Indian Summer

Animesh Roy

Still Life With Pomegranate & Tea Pot (Indian Summer) Iii


Acrylic on Canvas

28 X 38 In


"Animesh Roy paints with a breezy brush, loaded with thick paint catching the ephemeral poetry of colour and light..." An art critic once wrote. Animesh Roy (b.1968 India) studied at Delhi College of Art (1989-90). In the last two decades since, he has held and participated in various art shows across the world. The artist's impressionistic style is characterised by visible, expressive brush-strokes, a painterly impasto, bright and soft colours, visible textures and bold highlights. His art works are painted mostly in oil on linen canvas and drawn with strong strokes and vibrant colours that make the pictures seem almost to glow. Because of his excellent paintings techniques, he has received high appreciation from art critics and collectors. And catches the attention of media. In his Art so in his life, Roy has merged the Orient and the Occident to a beautiful unison! Animesh Roy lives and works in both India and Europe.

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