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Gieve Patel - Brimming Well, Dipping Fronds

Gieve Patel

Brimming Well, Dipping Fronds


Acrylic on canvas

58 in x 58 in

Gieve Patel was born in Mumbai in 1940. He is a man of many shades - a practicing general physician, a self-taught artist, a poet and a playwright - all at the same time. His first show was held in Mumbai in 1966. Thereafter, he has held several shows in India as well as abroad. He was a participant at the India : Myth and Reality, Oxford, 1982 and the Menton Biennale, France, 1976. Patel has also been a exhibitor for Indian Art from the Herwitz collection, Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts and "Coups de Coeur" Geneva, 1987.

Patel draws his inspiration from various human situations. He sees a sense of poetry even in the rough situations that humans have to face and his paintings are a manifestation of this. The common man doing everyday things are a regular feature of his work. His paintings reveal that he is a keen observer : the clothes, the postures and the stances that he encounters everyday are faithfully reproduced in his work.

Patel lives and works in Mumbai.

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