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Artist of the Day | Kumaresan Selvaraj

Kumaresan Selvaraj - Untitled

Kumaresan Selvaraj



Acrylic and paper on wood

16 1/2 × 13 × 1 in


In his sensual, tactile paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media works, Kumaresan Selvaraj digs beneath the surface—of himself, others, and his social, cultural, and physical environment—to expose and explore the many different layers that lie beneath. “Everything on the surface is composed of multiple layers,” he says. “I am composed of many layers both innate and memories and experiences accumulated since childhood.” Through works that simultaneously and tantalizingly conceal and reveal, Selvaraj gives form to layers of history, memories, and back-stories. Secrets (2009) exemplifies his approach: The work is composed of numerous black plastic bags, bundled together and suspended, their ends bulging with the “secrets” they contain.

Indian, b. 1983, Chennai, India

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