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Artist of the Day | Jennie C. Jones

Jennie C. Jones



Collage and silkscreen on paper

14 × 17 in


In her immersive audio installations, artist Jennie C. Jones explores sound and music through visual means, in works that have been described as graphic scores. She creates what appear to be minimalist paintings in gray and black with simple touches of color, but which are in fact acoustic panels that play collages of “microsamples” of music from the likes famous jazz musicians. These audio compositions highlight the formal connection between modernist abstraction and avant-garde African-American music while subtly affecting the audience through tone and tempo. In addition to these works, Jones, who was awarded the Studio Museum’s prestigious Wein Prize and was the subject of a solo show at the Hirshhorn Museum, has created work from the remnants of sound transmission, like tangled wires and audiotape. “Conceptualism,” she has explained, “allows these different media to occupy the same space.”

American, b. 1968, Cincinnati, Ohio, based in Brooklyn, New York

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