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Artist of the Day | DAVID BURDENY

DAVID BURDENY  - Rice Terraces


Rice Terraces, (Laohuzui I), Yunnan, China,


From the series Saudade

épreuve couleur / C-print


David Burdeny is an acclaimed Canadian photographer whose travel-inspired landscapes are characterized by unusually long exposures that result in detailed images and soft colour studies.

Burdeny describes his photography as ‘discovery driven’ and has traveled to places including Antarctica, Iceland, Brazil, China, France, Italy and Cambodia in pursuit of his work. Influenced by notable photographers such Michael Kenna, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Fay Goodwin, David purposefully photographs in poor light and near darkness. He uses unusually long exposures to see that which our eyes cannot. Moving beyond the literal, his images have been described as ominous, haunting, beautiful and meditative.

Burdeny’s work has been exhibited internationally in numerous solo and group exhibitions. He is the recipient of notable photography awards including Photographer of the Year in the Nature Category at the International Photography Awards. Burdeny’s work has been extensively collected and is included in both private and corporate collections. Most recently editions of his newest works have been acquired by the HBC Global Art Collection in New York.

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