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Artist of the Day | NS Harsha

NS Harsha - Why

NS Harsha


2014 Acrylic on canvas 61 x 86 cm


NS Harsha reworks the tradition of Indian miniature painting, depicting vast, flat fields of space populated by dozens of highly individuated, colorful figures. He has spoken of his art as "a way in which to portray large crowds or gatherings and their collective absurd acts." In addition to his visually rich acrylic paintings, Harsha works in sculpture, community-based collaborations, and site-specific installations that are often political. In Cosmic Orphans (2006), he painted a crowd of sleeping pilgrims, guards, workers, and children atop the roof of the Sri Krishna Temple in Singapore.

Indian, b. 1969, Mysore, India, based in Mysore, India courtesy of,

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