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Artist of the Day | Tim Budden

Tim Budden - Sun Moon

Tim Budden

Sun Moon 2017 acrylic on cut paper 46 x 46 cm

Tim Budden is a British artist & educator who currently lives and works in Taiwan. His current art is an attempt to integrate his Western upbringing with the Taiwanese / Chinese culture in which he now lives and works. Originally working as a sculptor, scenic artist and cartoonist in the UK, Tim moved to Taipei, Taiwan in the 1990’s. It was in Taiwan that he became inspired by traditional Chinese paper cut art. Cutting and carving paper seemed to be a natural step for him as a sculptor. The imagery in his work references his memories, experiences, identity and traditional art forms. Using his western eyes to make sense of this eastern culture in which he lives has lead to his current work in which paper is first painted and then cut.

Tim’s work has been exhibited in the UK, China, Japan and Taiwan. He has worked on numerous projects in Taiwan with clients such as Milk X magazine & Chanel, Fubon Art Foundation, Taiwan Mobile, Twining’s Tea and Suho Paper Foundation. As an art educator Tim works with students of all ages and currently designs and runs programs for children, teenagers and adults at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA). courtesy of

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