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Artist of the Day | Dora Budor

Dora Budor - One Million Years of Feeling Nothing

Dora Budor

One Million Years of Feeling Nothing 2015 Screen-used miniature living garages from “The Fifth Element” (1997), steel armature, epoxy clay, diseased latex prosthetics, acrylic polymer with pigment suspension, sfx and weathering paint, assorted metal hardware 59 cm x 116 cm x 32 cm


Exploring cultural phenomena surrounding mainstream cinema in America, Dora Budor creates sculptures and films that expose the technical and otherwise overlooked elements of movies. Budor most regularly engages with movie props—objects which are inherently fake or flawed, yet appear real and perfect on-screen—in order to “reanimate” them and give them a second life through recontextualization. “I’m interested in the technical processes behind the visual effects like prosthetics or makeup that are used to simulate bodily sensations … onto the screen,” she has said. A series of sculptures built around discarded movie props with artificial weathering, rust, and dust positions the objects as modern-day fossils. Budor views cinema through an anthropological lens, seeking to explore how people interact with films and the way that fictional characters become part of a collective emotional reality. courtesy of,

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