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Artist of the Day | Arunkumar H. G.

Arunkumar H. G. - Droppings and their dam

Arunkumar H. G.

Droppings and their dam From Group Show: Forms of Activism (SAHMAT) 2014 7’x 10’x 12’ Materials: Nearly 70,000 plastic bottle tops and steel wire


Born in 1968 in Karnataka, Arunkumar H.G completed his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Fine Art from the reputed MS University of Baroda. Since then he has been working in various disciplines, including photography and toy design, which impacts his art. The artist manipulates ready-made objects such as toys, plastic, ceramics, cow dung, hay and TV monitors in varied contextual settings giving a glimpse of his susceptibility towards the neo-pop movement. This eclectic approach allows Kumar to articulate his ideas through remarkable, layered meanings.

His work 'Does size matter?' from the exhibition 'Size Matters...Or Does it?' invites participation from the viewers as there are some gears in the work one can rotate. Rotating any one gear makes all the clay figures turn around. Since all the figures are positioned differently the viewer will not be able to see all the faces at the same time.

ArunKumar H.G.'s maneuvered thrust in the range of readymades is the 'Super B', (showcased by LATITUDE 28 at India Art summit 2009) attempting at tumbling down the cultic icon and perception of the global hero-Superman fixating the insipid vegetable bringal on its head. The subversive gesture functions to avail comment on his consummation with the food consumption and production patterns, as this bland vegetable is slated to undergo the process of feckless hybridization. courtesy of,

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