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Artist of the Day | Anju Dodiya

Anju Dodiya  - The Clown Prince

Anju Dodiya

The Clown Prince, 2008 Watercolor on paper 69 × 44 1/2 in


Anju Dodiya creates expressive watercolors layered with images and symbolism, drawing inspiration from a range of artists including poet Sylvia Plath, filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, and Early Renaissance masters Piero della Francesca and Giotto, as well as the bold patterns and vivid colors of Medieval French tapestries and Japanese woodblock prints. Often autobiographical, her works reveal her interest in self-reflection and the process of self-discovery. Though primarily a painter, Dodiya has also produced intricate installations involving embroidered mattresses and shards of broken mirror.

Indian, b. 1964, Mumbai, India, based in Mumbai, India courtesy of

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