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Artist of the Day |Avishek Sen

Avishek Sen - Private Garden

Avishek Sen

Private Garden 2017 Water Based medium on paper 13 x 11.5 | 11.5 x 11.5 inches (Diptych)


Avishek Sen has attained proficiency in the handling of water colour as a medium. Over the years, water colour with a hint of glitter has become his signature style. Sen’s depiction of different animal forms into one body is a gestural display of the multiple identities, sexual or otherwise, that we embody but discover only in the spiritual practice of understanding the self by embracing the complexity of our desire instead of living in denial of its influence. His hybrid, beastly, predatory forms are engaged either in devouring or are eagerly anticipating the moment of feasting. The language of fruits and flowers, traditionally rendered in the form of still life is completely transformed in this elaborate dreamscape. Sen’s works have been displayed at Gallery Espace, Aicon Gallery, New York, Albion Gallery, London, Apparao Galleries, New Delhi, CIMA gallery, Kolkata to name a few. Apart from these, Avishek Sen has participated in numerous Art Fairs like; India Art Fair, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Scope New York and Art Singapore. He has been the recipient of the National Scholarship awarded by the Human Resources Development, Government of India in the year 2000. The artist lives and works in New Delhi. courtesy of,,

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