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Artist of the Day | Matt Devine

Matt Devine

Absence, 2016 Steel with automotive paint 30 × 30 in


Drawn to the immediacy, speed, and strength of working with metal, Matt Devine creates seemingly weightless and gravity-defying metal sculptures out of steel, aluminum, and bronze. Non-representational, the harmonious sculptures are characterized by clean lines in homage to mid-century Minimalism. Devine explains that the repetition of form, composition, and minimalistic patterns in his work “is about trying to remove as much as possible.” A self-taught artist who learned welding by constructing theater sets, he admits that each piece matches his intended design only about 95 percent. Although he strives for 100 percent, he enjoys the element of surprise that works its way in. Often times, his idea for the next sculpture originates in something interesting he sees in the discarded scraps of metal left behind from the previous one. courtesy of

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