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Online and Offline Art classes


IDEA is a 4 step creative process developed by Artville Academy.

Our Curriculum is developed around this process



The power of imagination is the basis of all creativity. Our courses focus on the development of thought, ideation, visualization, and composition along with the required skills to handle multiple media



A creative person should also consider the exploration and experimentation of multiple mediums. Art is not just drawing and painting. Art can be expressed through any medium. Ideas conceived will take shape at this moment and this is the most exciting part of creativity



Creativity is all about going through multiple phases to get that fine work. As an artist or designer, one also should know when to stop. An artwork evolves through various stages and reach that final Ahaaa moment!



The ability and confidence to apply all the skills and practices to come out with a final piece of work. Give it the best and be open to criticism. Creativity is often refined by meaningful criticism. As an artist/designer one must be open to criticism and should know what to take and whatnot.





Our training is a unique program designed to create an awareness of Art Culture in our society.

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Ananya Dinesh Mehandale Age_ 16  Sweet N

What they say about us

kripa 1_14722138001679090.jpg

Shri Kripa | Parent

My daughter has been attending artville for few years now and I have seen lots of improvement in her artworks. She is able to create what is in her mind and art has enabled her to find herself and get lost in herself at the same time.


Artville promotes the child not to think outside the box but to get rid of the box.

Benjamin Magesh.jpg

Benjamin Magesh | Student

Artville helped me transition from an amateur artist to a professional. The Artist Level Course helped me to master all the media and create realistic artworks.


Today, I am working with clients who love my artworks. Thank you Artville!!

Neha Lorraine.png

Neha Lorraine | Student

Artville academy is a space that enhances creative learning. The peaceful ambiance sets the right mood for the perfect flow of thoughts and colors alike. I took up a one year course of painting and sketching. I would definitely do it all over again if I had a chance.

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