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I Think,Therefore I Am | Student Show December 2019


“I think, therefore I am”

Our reality is nothing but a bubble that consoles us until the day we cease to exist and imagination is what builds our reality into existence. Imagination gives us the necessary freedom we need to base our thoughts and doubts on the reality. It gives structure

to our surroundings and gives meaning for our existence. Imagination has always been looked down upon as something that is very childish. In the raw essence of it, imagination is the authentic creative force for aesthetic experience and artistic expression.

Imagination is not just about wild fantasies or superheroes. It’s about our thoughts, our doubts and our ability to construct and deconstruct things around us in our minds. Imagination is also what causes invention and innovation. It makes us think ahead

and think outside what society deems real. It gives us freedom to explore our desires and evaluate our thoughts. It helps us build worlds that no one else but ourselves can understand. There are no rules, no codes and no ethics. Imagination is the only way to

escape norms and shackles and live completely free, and in our imagination lies our truest form the essence of who we are and who we want to be.

For the students’ show, students were given liberty to imagine and express whatever subject or concept they want. They are encouraged to think for themselves and come up with a subject that they wish to portray or an emotion that they wish to express through their work. The artworks are their imagination and thoughts, building a reality that only the artists can fully understand. We can look at it and try to perceive a range of thoughts and emotions that it conveys, but the original idea behind the artwork, always belong to the artist.

Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” and that is what artists do, they imagine a world and then they make it real. Something that only existed in their minds as random thoughts and images, have been transformed into compositions that can be perceived and interpreted by people. That’s the beauty of art, it’s creating worlds and deconstructing realities. It’s about freedom to express our imagination and become what we truly want to be.

- Tom Joy

Participating young artists

Aarnav Sharma

Aasrith Sai Karthik. P

Aditi Patil

Akshara Vinod

Alapati Sunayana

Ananya Reddy

Ananya Suresh

Anshika Sawale

Arpita Ann George

Arya Anand

Aryan Velliangiri

Dhanya Girisha

Dhrupad Ramavarma

Diya Jibeesh

Ethan Kurian

Gowri Bala Narayanan

Kiaan Agarwala

Lalit Sriyankith Kantamaneni

Lohesh V B

Manasa G

Maulya Gowda

Mohammed Azlan

Nila Mukund Varma

Nirnav Bharath

Nivaan S James

Pallavi Deepak

Saimadhav V

Samhita Tatineni

Samyuktha Chandan

Shreya Krishnan

Shreya Sajit

Shubhaang Roy

Srishti ann Abraham

Tia Marie

Vyshali Akula


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