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How Helpful Are Online Art Classes?

Teaching and learning art is quite different. It is not just about learning skills and methods. Its also about opening our minds to new possibilities and letting our ideas take shape. We are learning to create. There are some online courses available which are mostly pre-recorded, video classes. In these video classes they teach you how to paint or draw a specific artwork. These courses will help you if you just want to copy a work. But if you are someone who is looking to practice art, will these courses help?

There are always limitations when it comes to learning online. As we all know, when learning art there should be the presence of a mentor, to guide each one of our strokes and measure its weight, to correct every intricate mistake. In this method, the presence of the mentor working with us is very important. The mentor not only becomes a teacher who corrects us but we learn a lot more about the art world and life of an artist. We get to see the means of how an artist plans and executes their work. We are in a way learning from the interactions that happen in a class. This form of interaction is what drives our passion for art and without that constant interaction, most of us tend to lose focus.

For an artist, creativity is of utmost importance, the ability to think and innovate. To observe what's happening around you and derive ideas that you need to convey. As an artisan, you will have specific aspects that you want to convey, your ideologies and your stories. when you start portraying these in your work, that's when you create original artwork. You should always supplement your artistic skills with good observation and visualisation skills to create original artwork.

Skill Development

For skill development, there are a few courses available online. You have a variety of options to choose from. Most of the classes you find online are prerecorded videos that are similar to a tutorial. It is a walk through that teaches you to copy another artwork. Skill development through online media can be very minimal. Without the constant interaction with an experienced artist or mentor, you can end up losing your passion for the arts. Online classes can also be monotonous and might make it difficult for us to engage in.

Theories of Art

Apart from skill development, some courses explore other subjects in art. These courses are designed to create awareness about art and several factors of art. They are ideal for students who are looking to venture into the theoretical and historical study of art. It involves analysing and exploring different era's of art and understanding these artworks based on the era it was created in.

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art has a variety of online courses on different subjects in art. They also have paid certification courses. These courses are suitable for those individuals who are interested in learning different concepts. The courses focus on understanding different forms of modern art. What Is Contemporary Art?, Modern Art and Ideas, Seeing Through Photographs are some of the courses available in their collection.

As you can see, during these changing times, there are opportunities to pursue your enthusiasm to learn about art and art culture. There are many avenues that we can explore to widen our knowledge. There are always limitations when it comes to learning art online. There are not many courses focused on expanding the creative abilities of inspired students. Most of the courses are focused on skill development and theories of art. What most people miss out is the ability to create original work. Once you get into the habit of replicating or copying artworks, it will be difficult to reinvent yourself and start visualising and creating your work. As much focus as you put into skill development, you need to invest the same amount of time in improving your creative thinking skills.


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