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House of Cards | Exhibition of Works by Sabari Das


Change is often inevitable. We as a civilisation embrace change and it gives our life a certain unpredictability and excitement. In our society we see changes every day. We see changes in political power, we see changes in social structures and we see changes in ideologies of people in power. We always yearn for change but are afraid of the nature of change that is to come. We try to anticipate and perceive the nature of changes in our society. We are more easily adaptable to small changes, changes that don't affect us, changes that remain in the background. But we fear those changes that affect us, even if we are convinced it is for the better, it scares us a little.

Every change causes a rift among people, there are people who support the change and then there are people who are against it. These two groups are always at conflict, trying to outdo each other. The artist, through his works have given a platform for both of these groups to interact and reason their dialogues. As part of the populous forming the society it is onto one another to side with one's own conscience and beliefs.

House of Cards is a series of works that looks at these drastic changes in our society. Our social structures and interdependent and fragile, one major failure and everything can collapse like a house of cards. On the other hand, if the transformation is for the betterment of the society, it can lead to a positive revival of the society.

What this show presents is a glimpse of some of these instances where we see change and it asks us a question, is it for the better or for the worse?

Tom Joy

There are 54 works in the series forming a deck of playing cards.

Artist Sabari Das was in residence with Artville Residency for the past one year.



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