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Bhagyashree Suthar | Artist of The Day

Bhagyashree Suthar



Pen and ink on paper


Suthar’s works have been heavily influenced by architecture and geometric patterns in nature which pose as a reflection of herself. She applies meticulous detail in her work, often submerging herself into the world she attempts to depict. She illustrates Utopian, fantastical worlds through her beeswax sculptures, drawings and wax paintings. The artist by playing with light in her works and shows the beauty of silence in the structure with its mysterious shadows. She works largely with kite paper, Rajasthani wasli paper and beeswax.

Bhagyashree’s forms oscillate between the man-made and the biological, yet not quite bionic. The focus of her works is decidedly on architectural forms rather than spaces. Her forms seem suspended, weighty, like granite in the sky; there is a sense of something that has taken flight but is yet to escape into space, out of orbit. It is architecture caught reflecting upon itself. They are grand, yet self-consciously anxious because of that grandeur.

Bhagyashree Suthar was born and brought up in Jodhpur, Rajasthan in a family of furniture makers. She moved to Vadodara, Gujarat to attain her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Fine Art from the reputed Maharaja Sayajirao University. She won gold for Masters in Visual Arts in 2016.

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