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Artist of The Day | Vanchha Dixit

Vanchha Dixit

Keeking Forms

Mix media on wood

24 x 60 in



VANCHHA DIXIT Born 22nd May 1995.Hardoi,Uttar Pradesh,India Lives in Lucknow

Myself Vanchha Dixit, born and brought up in a lower middleclass family and I had keen interest in art from very childhood, my soul stimulated me always to do art from the begining. I developing an innovative research of many types of material and forms. Art has the nature of innovativeness, so we could not bind it by the thread of subject. Art is a momentary cognition of a person an a pure imagination, and it could be change, an artist can imagine different things at a certain time and can paint it. There are so many images in our subconscious mind, we even don't think about those things, spontaneously they come in my drawing and the theory of Sigmund fried seems true here. Colours of my panting comes from rural areas, my most of the works are based on the panels I think in panel there are more challenges to do something creative, and I enjoy it..

In my opinion art is pure expression and equal to meditation. art is beyond reality, in any kind of painting lines and colours two bonding factors...From very early age I knew that I want to be an artist and took addmission at College of arts and craft, Lucknow at the age of 16. it was like living my dream life. but stepping out of the college reality begins from have to practice art continuesly...

I aesthetically compose fictional works in the form of works are inspired by nature, environment, surroundings, self expression and fantasy... Nowadays i am working on new series of work using papers of old books and student's copies...

I don't like lustre colours, textures and colours of my works are rugged and lustreless surface comes from my roots. Roots and surroundings are reflected in the words of a writer and the lines of an artist. Likewise my thought process and its expression has infested with elements taken from my surroundings. I ever more inspired by the shape of the sun, the sun gives me energy abstraction, the forms I am using. I am researching in the style of intangible forms of nature. Trying to experiment with textures, forms and even balancing of colours. I always try to maintain discipline in my work and put great importance to my idea, skill and type of materials been used. I want to further enhance my knowledge and gain experience, to be one of the finest artist having a high moral value. In my works I simply to address unnoticed which exist around me. Our regular experience have so much to offer take fragments from it. My inspiration comes from the nature and also from my surroundings. My images are constellation of several ideas manifesting multiple experiences.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas


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