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Artist of The Day | Thukral & Tagra

Thukral & Tagra


2019 Oil on Canvas

67 × 115 × 2 3/4 in


Working collaboratively to produce exuberant and darkly humorous works in a dizzying range of media, including painting, installation, and video, Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra, known as Thukral & Tagra, simultaneously send up, criticize, and participate in the globalized, rampant consumer culture in India. Like their older contemporary Takashi Murakami, Thukral & Tagra blur the lines between high and low, commercial and artistic, product placement and exhibition design, and artistic inspiration and media hype. Their practice encompasses museums and galleries as well as graphic and product design. In works like Wonder Woman II (2011), for example, Thukral & Tagra mix iconic Indian motifs—lotus flowers—with iconic images from Western pop culture—of Superman—to explore the juxtapositions of East and West, traditional and new, enduring and ephemeral in Indian culture and identity in the 21st century.

Courtesy of Thukral & Tagra,


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