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Artist of The Day | Tehmeena Firdos

Tehmeena Firdos

Four Corners


Dental Plaster, Wood, Metal, Acrylic Sheet, Watercolour, Digital Prints And Found Objects


Tehmeena explores the dynamics between private-public spaces in relation to how she feels about her own personal space- a space of apparent comfort and freedom. Notions of ‘comfort- discomfort’ and the contradictions they raise become a part of this exploration as she creates visual clashes through image-making. She makes use of historical imagery and references which signify their characteristic view points and the politics of her time and space. In order to diverge, she readily employs more recent photographs concerning fashion and politics. Watercolour, paintings on paper, collages and her recent explorations into miniature sculptures are just some of the mediums she uses comfortably as material explorations are an integral part of her imagemaking process. Her works are a reflection of problems, when disclosed are general situations that she calls ‘popular problems’. Tehmeena’s works are not a direct comment, yet the output proffers certain reactions central to the current ‘popular’ situation. Through this body of work, ‘My God! Help Me Survive this Deadly Love’, Tehmeena tries to create a subliminal web within non-dimensional and empty spaces. She is primarily interested in the affectedness and aftermath of larger global and seemingly overwhelming personal events. Thus, through this body of work, she attempts to create different levels of associations and transitions from words to non-words, imageries to invisibilities and demarcated standpoints to a possible limitlessness. Born in Delhi in 1990, Tehmeena completed her BFA in Painting from Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi in 2012 and MFA in 2015 from M.S.U, Baroda where she was awarded the Nasreen Mohamedi award for best display in 2015. A very promising Indian contemporary artist, Tehmeena Firdos is represented by Art Centrix Space, New Delhi. She presented her collages, paintings and miniature sculptures at our curated booth at India Art Fair 2020. Her works were also noticed and appreciated at the Serendipity Art Festival in Goa in 2019. She has been a part of several group shows including, Words of Her Seeing at Conflictorium, Museum of Conflict, Ahmedabad, 2019; Graphic Content at Gallery ARK, Vadodara 2019; Death of Common Sense at Gallery White, Vadodara in 2019; Janey Finesse, Group exhibition in M.F. Husain Art Gallery, Delhi 2017; group show at Meyrick Hall Asian Osmosis, Bournemouth, London in 2015. She has participated in prestigious art residencies and workshops such as UTSHA Residency Program, Bhubaneswar in 2018; FICA -The Moving Image | Exploring Light, Movement & Narrative, New Delhi, 2017; international residency, Experience House ( a collaborative work with Daniele Bartolini), Khoj, New Delhi 2016. She was selected for Peers Share at Khoj, New Delhi in 2016, regional camp in Assam organised by Lalit Kala Akademi, Assam in 2015; Master Class with Orijit Sen (graphic novel illustration), FICA Reading Room in 2015. Tehmeena Firdos has been a part of ‘Harkat’ a performance conceptualised by Inder Tickoo, Delhi 2013. She lives and works in Delhi.

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