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Artist of The Day | Sanjay Kumar Raj

Sanjay Kumar Raj

Call for God - 3

Oil on Canvas

48 × 72 in



Born - 01/12/1990 - Lucknow, India

Human is connected to art in some form and every person has a personal view of their own towards art.Each of my actions is a series in my own right. The topic of my work is a 'search'. The environment in which I live (in the society) is the language of my pictures.Due to change of place, the theme and language of my pictures continues to change.My painting is a reflection of the current circumstances. Society, nature, organism, constant change in the environment, and events have always been my primary concern. In my work, the subject of 'desire' itself appears and reappears continuously in various references. I do not consider myself a teacher nor a teacher, but as an artist, I try to portray my contemporaries through my work.

Pratice & Interests-

Art and artists complement each other. Artist gives birth to new images, new experiments and new dimensions to express their art,which is constantly searching for me. My pictures are very close to nature, society, humans, animals, animals and birds. Where I live, what I see and feel becomes the subject of my art. My work is a research, when I am going to make my works , the changes in the making of the work keep changing. Which gets priority in my compositions. When I sit to give my compositions names, I have a lot of trouble, like the novel can not be tied in one word, so the pictures can not be given a name too. If the wrong line or stroke becomes an element in the pictures, it immediately seems that it is not needed here. The same applies to colors. The colors are all beautiful but I use them according to my needs. When I am making a picture, then in my mind it is already decided which place to use which color I want to use.

Coming from childhood around animals and nature, and lying on the road objects were used by humans, and wandered the paths beast and his voice and rush to the city from the village people and see changes happening continually in nature I am attracted to that, which are usually seen in my paintings. When I sit down to make a picture, I try to change my nature and see what I have seen and do everything I forget but somewhere in the same environment my nature comes in and I see it in pictures. Which I try to bring his emotions and his architecture and internal activity and pictures of events, which I water makes the color and acrylic color and oil color and charcoal, lines and Mix media. I mostly enjoy the water as it comes in color and acrylic color them Transparent quality, which you can beforeand after enjoying colors were both used, which is very cool and experienced Fresh. While using oil, I also use oil. It has its own fun. I have done some work in mix media too. I have used the installation and I have some graphic and etching, aquatint and thermacol prints in which I got to learn a lot that appears in my work as a Patience. Thank you,


2014-B.V.A. painting From College of Art & Craft, Lucknow University ,U.P. 2016-M.V.A.Creative painting From College of Art & Craft, Lucknow University ,U.P.

Courtesy to Roy Thomas, Sanjay Kumar Raj


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