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Artist of The Day | Sachin Bonde

Sachin Bonde


Engraving on wood, Etching on 50 ltr. kerosene beaker & enamel paint


58 x 91 x 152 cm


Born in Darwha,Maharashtra,India

My ideas and thoughts behind the works of art are processed after keen observation and adequate grounding. The intricate reticulations of world politics and personal politics may seem like a perplexing jigsaw puzzle to an unaware mind, but for me it is crystal clear. That is what makes my works subtle, satirical and arresting. In my works one can see the study of irony.Asan artistI’mcontextualizes the inherent dichotomies that connect two forms of Power together- one being political power and the

other energy. My work questions the relationship between electric grids that traverse our earth and grids of political alliances.

Using proverbs I’m trying to connect political borders, national flagsand symbols of power as a metaphor or of nations with the underlying map of oil. During last 6 years I am working on a subject of ‘Oil Politics’ Oil-War’, Oil as Fuel, natural resources, about the dynamics, maps and networks of Movement of petrol and kerosene, and their relationship to realpolitik.As I born and growing in a part of the ‘Third World’ which is using 45%of natural resources.

Concerns that find a place in my works are the economic change and globalization. How mall culture has been injected into urban cities that is also spreading rapidly in smaller towns, like the one I come from.Few from my works I’m talking about how we are subjected to consume products that are manufactured and branded by economically powerful nations.As my interest in archaeology and political history, I also re-appropriate objects to satirize nihilism of right-wing politics, creating intricate

sculptures that contain the politics of their materiality.

I am using Art as a medium to respond to my surroundings, responses that stem from my fascination with how humans are inspired and dependent on animals. I gain inspiration also from myths, proverbs and sciences that relate to animals.

-Sachin Bonde

Sachin Bonde is a visual artist based in Mumbai. He was born in a small town Darwha, in Vidharbha region of Maharashtra state 1985. He completed his schooling at Darwha. He did his bachelor of fine art and Masters in printmaking from the Sir JJ School of Art, University of Mumbai 2015. He was awarded a teaching fellowship at Sir JJ School of Art from 2011-12. He is a founding member, Assistant curator and exhibition designer at Clark House Initiative an Art space In Mumbai. He is also member of ‘Shunya Collective’ a group of seven artists. He is also working as Guest faculty at Faculty of design at Banasthali University Rajasthan.

He did his 1st solo exhibition (Soil Oil) at Clark house initiative and 1X1 art gallery Dubai in 2015. He was exhibited in many national and international exhibitions including Students Biennale as part of 1St The Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2012. He was the recipient of many awards like The Bombay art society, Maharashtra State art award, Futur art Foundation, Switzerland etc. Participated in many art residencies like Uttarayan Art foundation, Jaspur, Black-church print studio Dublin, Kala Academy Goa etc. his artwork featured in many national n International art magazines.

Courtesy to Roy Thomas,


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