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Artist of The Day | Sabitha K

Sabitha K

Unrecognised Peace


130 x 130 x 20 cm

Coir, Metal, Ceramic. Wood


Every human has a value and a position, which mostly generate consciously or unconsciously through the relation between others, and it always works in between the space. Everyone believes that they have a reason to be like this or to do like this, and I believe that most of all include a character, like negatively or positively. So the character of a human being directly or indirectly connected with others, and makes impact, through the action or emotion. And the reactions have a value may be more than an action, which everyone says to control or make them to be partial. Etc...These all are saying through my works

Gender, Believe, superstition, devotion, culture, vastu shastra, myth, faith etc are touched my thoughts, because all these things connecting with our practical life, even we don't have believe. It works as negatively and positively not only on one person but also related persons or a group of persons, things, etc. Even the positive as well as negative things are hurting matter, because the things which he done as positive for his life, will affect negatively for others. As we say the things in the whole world are connected with each other, depends on each other.

According to the above, we can find our self in a plant, in an accessory in our home, in a furniture, etc..etc. The plant may grow up to down, depends on its food, its barriers. The hanger in my home may only stands for cloths. A life of a furniture can end with a little damage.

From the staring of my BFA, I was confused with materials. Sometimes I couldn't to explain my thoughts through the available materials. It helps to develop searching mentality for new materials and techniques. Use of fabrics are starts from my childhood as some craft things, collecting old cloths, exciting on new designs, types of cloth, buttons, types of stitching, etc. But from my MFA time period itself started to using fabrics as main material in my art works.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas,


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