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Artist of The Day | Renu Bala

Renu Bala

Transformation 1

Wood & Brass

43 x 65 x 10 inches



Born - Pathankot, Punjab

My work is based on my childhood memories and I have trying to represent my activities in time to time through my work of art .I believed that the learning process of everyone was starts from the birth and we understand and learn the human relation around us and observed it through our activities (perception) and need to express those experiences through any kind of language. Same as I have trying to express my experiences through visual language including sculpture and drawings in objective manner.Now I am able to represent my relationships with my childhood friends and my family through my work of art and also my school memoir.I believed that we learned the activities from each other and I have created my own presence (as artist) in my works to represent so closed relation of mine with my childhood memories through my tools and objects that I have used while creating a form (work of art). Every object has its own quality of importance mean wise.The importance of objects in my work is like to eat food for our good health like we need objects (working tools) for creating a sculptural form.I have experiments with conventional material with my own style of creation and I took my inspiration from Indian iconography as well as manuscript ions and trying to make relationship of both conventional and iconography together to create my own style of form.My every object (sculpture) is representation of my own perception that who I can feel the object in different manner that not common for every person, so far as my observation is concern I take this objects in different manner, like scissor, its nature is to cut the cloths and paper but it also symbolized maintenance in our lifestyle and comb is also symbolized an object for maintain us like wise my every works has its own importance of symbolic approach in my life. My objects which I have created as my work is depict my discipline in my life.The another object (nut bolt) an object for joint but I observed this as symbol of controller for indiscipline activities in my life and inspired from this kind of objects which helped me to maintained myself and also for understanding the relationship of human with the objects.The another object fish, when I was child I used to play with the fish, I also take it as my playing object that giving me pleasure in my childhood time. So the fish symbolized the importance of past time (memoir) in my life.The button is also symbolized the family like its works is to join the shirt one by one like every member in family has its own quality of existence. Being an artist I believed that every artist is like button and the art scenario is like the shirt.The ship is symbolized journey of my daily life activities which I have done in my working and non working time, is also represents in discipline towards of life. The ship stands for moving one place to another place like my work (sculpture) moving from gallery to gallery.The arrangement of object in my sculptures.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas, Renu Bala


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