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Artist of The Day | Ratheesh T

Ratheesh T

Independence Day

Oil on Canvas

78 × 120.7 in



RATHEESH T Born 1980 in Kerala, India

The geographical source of the imagery in Ratheesh's paintings is undoubtedly Kerala, the lush green vegetation of this tropical state of west-coast India, and the dark complexion of its people. A second look reveals that's not what the paintings are really about. Kerala is certainly present here, but the true location of these works is elusive. One would be misled if one were to look out too literally for cartographic pointers.

Ratheesh's whole venture far outstrips notions of genre – it is bigger, broader, inclusive of contemplations that strictly genre works would not be able to accommodate. The sheer excess of fascinating visual material offered us – each detail worked on with incredible enjoyment and control – defeats any simple moralistic interpretation.

Courtesy of Ratheesh T, Roy Thomas


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