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Artist of The Day | Ranjeet Singh

Ranjeet Singh

Look At Me


Oil on Canvas

60 x 84 in


My art is the reflection of the inner truth of my life. And in my case the truth is harsh one. Being a Bihari by birth, I have experienced the situation of the people of Bihar as well as the 'Hindi Belt'. Gripped by the clutch of illiteracy, corruption, unemployment, social inequality, poverty and communal disharmony, the Aam Admi do not get a chance to 'cherish' the basic rights allotted to the citizens of this illustrious democracy. People of the 'Hindi Belt' who have the humble background are always (miss)treated as the 'daily-wage laborer' by their hegemonic counterpart. The callousness of the state governments also compels them to embrace a life of humiliation and uncertainty in cosmopolitan cities. My art gives voice to this class. In India poverty does not spare the children. In their tender age, instead of getting love, affection, food and education, they enlist them in the army of child laborer of the cosmopolitan cities. Since the beginning of my career as an artist, I have always been in a dilemma about the purpose of my art. I have questioned and antagonized with 'the art for art sake' approach and determined to express and comment over the ongoing socio- economic- political disparities prevailing in our society. My concern for humanity leads me to become a realist in my approach to art. So, I chose the representational-figurative tradition to unfurl myself to my viewers in a simple readable language superimposing identical objects, contexts and symbols creating paradoxes to convey my idea vigorously.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas,


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