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Artist of The Day | Prashant Anil Kuwar

Prashant Anil Kuwar


Wood cut

30 x 30 in



Abhona, Maharashtra, India

My work is in a surrealistic way. In this I create human, animal, and other essential things that shape the subject and create them as a subject. In my artwork, social and human nature are mostly subjects of contemplation. Human experience, suffering, adultery, biography, work on it. In my many pictures, I take it in visual form by combining words, phrases, sayings, semantic terminology, or poems of many words. I illustrate it. I work on the meaning of idioms, sayings, words. For example, the word "Monkey thing" I took from Modi's radio talk was his talk program. I used it in my work. He showed three monkeys that Gandhiji had mentioned, but he showed the works of all three monkeys upside down. Look at it, speak bad, listen bad, it's all shown, the reason for showing all these things is because all kinds of people live in society. But everyone pretends to be good. Good people are like these monkeys from the inside, who become good monkeys from the outside, and bad from the inside, meaning all human beings have this thing going on in their minds. So I titled the artwork as "Monkey thing. "Give it. In this way those words can be interpreted as such. And tried to make it visible.

All my paintings are depicted in this technique of etching in print making type. I love print making and drawing.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas , Prashant Anil Kuwar.


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